A bit About Ourselves

Maxon & Prime Legal is a law firm that cares about clients and works hard to meet their every legal
need. Maxon & Prime Legal is a boutique firm – What this means to you is: personalised legal representation
focused on your interests and tailored toward helping you achieve your dreams. Our firm focuses
on the process as well as on the outcome. We make sure to take the most strategic and effective
path toward helping you achieve your goal. Whether this is working to ensure your investments are a
success, helping you immigrate, or helping your business to grow, we treat every case with the importance
and attention it deserves.


Why Choose Us?

Our Structure

Our View of us

The Firm’s competitive advantage lies in the following:
• Our multidisciplinary approach to resolving complex legal issues.
• Our ability to work within our client’s budget to deliver quality services without compromising
on standards.
• Our deep understanding of the Nigerian legal landscape and vast government network.
• Our keen interests in our clients and their business goals.

Pro Bono
Under the auspices of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform – MP Legal Rights Project,
we have provided 100% free legal services to indigent clients who are standing trial on various offences
ranging from misdemeanour to grievous offences as murder or culpable homicide. A few of these cases
! A murder trial wherein we successfully canvassed a case of self-defence for a petty trader alleged
to have murdered her victim.
! The successful representation of a client for an order of sole parental responsibility where the
Applicant and first Respondent were not married. This matter set a precedent in the family court
in terms of granting the custody to one party where the parents are unmarried.
! We successfully represented a client in the matter that concerned child sexual abuse and dissolution
of marriage.
! The team secured a discharge and acquittal of clients who were charged with culpable homicide
and were in detention for 4 years.
! Successfully represented clients who were charged with pipeline vandalisation. The defendants
were arrested alongside 13 others; however, the Firm was able to secure a discharge of the defendant
as the matter was struck out.

! Represented and secured the discharge and acquittal of an indigent client who was charged with
culpable homicide and spent 2 years in prison.
We have taken on several cases and secured the discharge and/or acquittal in most of these matters. We
have built partnerships with key government institutions like the Nigerian Correctional Service, the Legal
Aid Council, the Human Rights Commission and the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking
in Persons (NAPTIP) for the purposes of achieving the mandate of the Mayne Rights Project.


Maxon & Prime Legal has a legal team dedicated to achieving success for clients. To be represented by
Maxon & Prime Legal not only offers you competent attorneys with decades of collective experience,
but also representatives who have been leaders in business, governmental and non-governmental organisations.
Our attorneys and members of the legal team include professionals who:
! Possess cross-border qualifications and licenses in England and Wales.
! Are Chartered Arbitrators.
! Have served on governing teams of National and International Bar Associations.
! Are members of the Chartered Institute of Housing in the UK.
! Have authored law books.
! Have worked as a consultant for the United Nations.
! Have worked for the National Human Rights Commission
! Have represented the Nigerian Bar Association in various capacity.
Our attorneys also have advanced degrees in law and business. We bring all of this experience to help
our clients with their legal concerns. Learn more about the multidisciplinary approach our experienced
team employs to resolve client’s legal matters. Our global boutique law firm will put together a legal
team ready and able to advance your business interests.

• Communication
We keep you updated on legal issues that impact you. We are responsive to your questions and
we are ready to help you whenever a legal need or issue arises.
• Quality Customer Service
You are given premium respect from the moment you reach out to Maxon & Prime Legal . Every
member of our staff values your business. We have an “all hands-on-deck” approach to offer you
top-notch service delivery.
• Cost-Effective Legal Service
We minimise unnecessary expenditures by providing you with the best strategic approach to resolve
your legal matter(s).
! Skilful Legal Advice
The process is important, but the outcome matters most. Consequently, we provide sophisticated
legal arguments and precedent to enhance your chances of obtaining a successful outcome.
You need more than a law firm to achieve your dreams. You need a family that cares about you,
empowers you and maximises your prospects within the international legal domain. Maxon &
Prime Legal is the right choice for you. Accord us the opportunity to utilise our decade-long legal
and business experience to satisfy your legal quest.
! Regulatory Compliance
Maxon & Prime Legal is in full compliance with the regulatory frameworks applicable to the
running and management of law firms in Nigeria. The Firm is equally in compliance with the
relevant social security regulations applicable to law firms operating in the country.


The mission of Maxon & Prime Legal is to harness our unique experience in providing legal services. We employ requisite skill and care in offering legal strategies for individuals, businesses, governments and charitable organisations. We are truly a global law firm, poised to develop unique legal strategies to help our clients actualise their aims.