Insolvency and Debt Recovery

Our Services

  1. Corporate Insolvency: We offer comprehensive legal assistance to distressed businesses, helping them navigate insolvency procedures such as bankruptcy filings, debt restructuring, and business recovery plans.


  1. Creditor Representation: Our experienced team represents creditors in pursuing outstanding debts and maximising recovery through negotiation, litigation, and enforcement of judgments.
  2. Individual Insolvency: For individuals facing financial difficulties, we provide guidance on personal bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements, and other debt relief options.


  1. Debt Recovery: We assist clients in recovering debts through negotiation, demand letters, and, when necessary, legal action to secure payment.


  1. Enforcement of Judgments: Our team is experienced in enforcing court judgments, garnishing wages, and pursuing assets to satisfy outstanding debts.


  1. Cross-Border Insolvency: We offer guidance on cross-border insolvency matters, helping clients navigate complex legal issues when dealing with international debtors or assets.

Insolvency and Debt Recovery

At Maxon & Prime Legal, we understand the challenges that businesses and individuals face when dealing with financial distress and insolvency. Our skilled team of insolvency Lawyers is dedicated to providing effective legal strategies for businesses, creditors, and individuals seeking to recover debts and navigate insolvency proceedings.

Navigate Financial Challenges with Maxon & Prime Legal

Financial difficulties can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face them alone. Contact us today to learn how our Insolvency and Recoveries services can help you recover debts, explore debt relief options, and navigate insolvency proceedings while securing your financial future.

Why Choose Us

Experience: Our insolvency and recoveries team has a proven track record in guiding clients through challenging financial situations.


Tailored Solutions: We understand that each insolvency case is unique. Our strategies are customised to your specific financial circumstances and goals.


Results-Oriented: Our focus is on achieving practical and effective outcomes, whether through debt recovery or insolvency proceedings.


Strategic Advice: We provide clear and strategic advice, helping you make informed decisions that align with your financial interests.


Resilient Advocates: We’re committed to protecting your rights and interests throughout the insolvency and recovery process.