Entertainment & Sports Law


At Maxon & Prime Legal, we recognise the unique legal challenges faced by individuals and businesses in the entertainment and sports industries. Our dedicated team of Lawyers combines a passion for these fields with deep legal expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for clients across the entertainment and sports spectrum.

Why Choose Us

Industry Knowledge: Our Lawyers are well-versed in the entertainment and sports sectors, providing you with specialised insights into the unique challenges you face.

Negotiation Skills: We’re skilled negotiators, dedicated to securing favourable terms in contracts and agreements that align with your goals.

Creative Solutions: We understand the creative nature of these industries and provide innovative legal solutions that reflect your vision.

Results-Driven: Our focus is on achieving tangible results for our clients, whether it’s protecting your intellectual property or resolving disputes effectively.

Networking: Our connections within the entertainment and sports communities enable us to offer valuable opportunities and insights to our clients.

Our services

    1. Contracts and Agreements: We assist artists, athletes, agents, and industry professionals in negotiating and drafting contracts, including talent agreements, endorsement deals, licensing agreements, and more.
    1. Intellectual Property: Protecting creative works and brands is essential. Our Lawyers handle copyright, trademark, and licensing matters to safeguard your valuable intellectual property assets.
    1. Media and Entertainment Transactions: From film and television production agreements to music publishing and distribution deals, we guide you through complex transactions in the media and entertainment sectors.
    1. Sports Representation: Our sports law experts provide representation for athletes, agents, teams, and sports organisations. We offer guidance on contracts, endorsements, arbitration, and other legal matters in the sports world.
    1. Rights and Royalties: We ensure that artists and creators receive fair compensation for their work by navigating rights clearance, royalty disputes, and related legal issues.
    1. Entertainment Litigation: When disputes arise, our litigators are prepared to protect your interests through effective legal strategies and advocacy in entertainment-related lawsuits.
    1. Event Management: From securing venues to negotiating sponsorship agreements, we offer legal support for event organisers, ensuring successful and legally compliant events.

Empower Your Entertainment & Sports Ventures with Maxon & Prime Legal

In the fast-paced worlds of entertainment and sports, having a dedicated legal partner is crucial. Contact us today to learn how our Entertainment & Sports Law services can provide the legal foundation for your success