Business Immigration in Nigeria

Our Services

  1. Work Permits and Visas: We assist businesses in obtaining work permits and visas for foreign employees, ensuring compliance with Nigerian immigration regulations.
  1. Expatriate Quota Approvals: Our team helps businesses secure expatriate quota approvals, allowing the legal employment of foreign nationals in Nigeria.
  1. Business Visitor Visas: We guide foreign investors and business visitors through the process of obtaining the appropriate visas for conducting business activities in Nigeria.
  1. Company Formation for Foreign Nationals: We offer legal support in establishing business entities for foreign nationals seeking to invest or operate in Nigeria.
  1. Regulatory Compliance: Our Lawyers provide guidance on compliance with Nigerian immigration laws, ensuring that your business operations adhere to relevant regulations.
  1. Stay Extensions and Residency Permits: We assist individuals and their families in extending their stay in Nigeria and obtaining residency permits when applicable.

Business Immigration in Nigeria

At Maxon & Prime Legal, we recognise the pivotal role that business immigration plays in the growth and expansion of companies in Nigeria. Our specialised team of immigration Lawyers is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions for businesses seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of business immigration within Nigeria.


Facilitate Your Business Goals with Maxon & Prime Legal

Navigating business immigration in Nigeria is crucial for your company’s success in the region. Contact us today to learn how our Business Immigration in Nigeria services can provide you with expert legal support and help you navigate the complexities of immigration regulations to achieve your business objectives.

Why Choose Us

Nigerian Immigration Expertise: Our team specialises in Nigerian immigration law, providing you with the knowledge to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape.


Strategic Guidance: We tailor our solutions to align with your business objectives, helping you secure the necessary immigration approvals to operate in Nigeria.

Efficient Processes: We streamline the immigration process, minimising delays and ensuring that your business operations can proceed smoothly.


Comprehensive Support: From initial entry to residency permits, we offer comprehensive support throughout the business immigration journey in Nigeria.

Local Insight: We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the Nigerian market, providing guidance specific to the local business environment.