Real Estate Transactions

Our Services

  1. Property Purchase and Sale: We assist in every aspect of property transactions, from drafting contracts to conducting due diligence.


  1. Title Examination: Our team performs thorough title examinations to ensure the property’s legal history and rights are clear.


  1. Lease Agreements: We help you negotiate and draft lease agreements that protect your interests as a landlord or tenant.


  1. Property Tax Planning: Our lawyers offer strategies to minimise property tax liabilities while adhering to legal requirements.


  1. Real Estate Investments: We provide guidance on investing in real estate, considering legal and financial implications.


  1. Estate Planning and Real Estate: We integrate real estate considerations into your estate planning strategy for a comprehensive approach.

Real Estate Transactions

Navigating real estate transactions requires careful consideration and legal expertise. At Maxon & Prime Legal, our dedicated team of lawyers specialises in providing comprehensive legal guidance for private clients in real estate matters, ensuring that your property transactions are smooth, secure, and aligned with your personal goals.

Secure Your Real Estate Transactions with Maxon & Prime Legal

Real estate transactions are significant investments that require expert legal guidance. Contact us today to learn how our Real Estate Transactions for Private Clients services can provide you with comprehensive support, guide you through property transactions, and help you make informed decisions that align with your personal goals.

Why Choose Us

Real Estate Expertise: Our team specialises in real estate law, offering you in-depth knowledge of property transactions.


Personalised Approach: We tailor our services to meet your unique needs and objectives, ensuring a personalised experience.


Legal and Financial Insights: We consider both legal and financial aspects to provide comprehensive guidance.


Transparency: We provide clear explanations of legal terms and processes to ensure you understand each step.


Protecting Your Interests: Our goal is to protect your interests and ensure a successful real estate transaction.