Nonprofit & Philanthropy

Our Services

  1. Nonprofit Establishment: We assist in setting up nonprofit organisations in Nigeria, guiding you through the legal steps to achieve recognition and tax-exempt status.


  1. Regulatory Compliance: Our team ensures your nonprofit organisation complies with Nigerian laws and regulations, allowing you to focus on your mission.


  1. Tax-Exempt Status: We navigate the complexities of obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status for your nonprofit in Nigeria.


  1. Governance and Reporting: We provide guidance on governance structures and reporting requirements, ensuring your organisation’s effectiveness and transparency.


  1. Charitable Initiatives: Our Lawyers offer advice on structuring philanthropic programs and initiatives that align with local needs and priorities.


  1. Local Community Engagement: We assist in building strong connections with local communities, helping your organisation create meaningful impact.

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Drive Positive Change with Maxon & Prime Legal

Nonprofit and philanthropic efforts play a crucial role in shaping Nigeria’s future. Contact us today to learn how our Nonprofit & Philanthropy in Nigeria services can provide you with expert legal guidance, help you establish or manage your nonprofit organisation, and empower you to create meaningful and sustainable change within Nigeria.

Why Choose Us

Local Expertise: Our team specialises in nonprofit and philanthropy law in Nigeria, offering in-depth knowledge of the local legal landscape.


Mission-Aligned Approach: We understand the cultural and social context, tailoring our services to support your goals.


Navigating Nigerian Regulations: We guide you through the legal requirements and regulations specific to nonprofit organisations in Nigeria.


Comprehensive Support: From establishment to ongoing compliance, we provide full-spectrum legal support.


Empowering Change: Our goal is to empower your organisation to make a significant and lasting impact within Nigerian communities.